17 julho 2011

WELCOME to our foreign participants hall!


The experience was so revolutionary for my life that I felt the urge to share with the world some information which I consider vital but insufficiently publicized by the media. 
An example: Brazil is number one in the world for traumatic and unnecessary cesareans. Moreover, it is among the countries that pay the lowest wages to birth care professionals.
This emotional film thus shows practices linked with a way to live a conscious motherhood, including active labor and what this represents in the formation of more conscious human beings.
A humane and respectful birth directly contributes to the level of awareness, emotional health and safety of the baby and mother for the rest of their lives. Therefore, it improves the whole planet and the future of humanity.

Synopsis of the film: 

It is a documentary that portrays the activities of a group of midwives who dedicate their lives to support pregnant women in giving birth to their children in a warm and respectful environment.
Active in Florianópolis (State of Santa Catarina, Brazil) since 2005, those urban midwives form a team that mainly does planned home births, with a deep philosophy of humanization in pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum as a new paradigm for a more humane world, based on the concept created by famous French obstetrician Michel Odent, who says: “in order to change the world, we must first change the way of giving birth”.
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in this contribution format, amounts stipulated in reals (BRL) will be the same in the other currencies used (EUR and USD), i.e. they will not be converted. this will result in higher values in europe and north america, where the cost of raw material is higher than in brazil, as well as the service fees (postage, print shop, etc.).
now that you know how your contribution and the sending of the prizes will function, just choose the value of the contribution and what you wish to get in return:

“EUR 10 = USD 10 = CHF 10 = R$ 10+
a personalized thanks e-mail + a link to watch the film online as many times as you wish + link to download the film (DV quality) and rip DVDs at home
+ the file of the DVD’s cover and label for printing back

“EUR 30 = USD 30 = CHF 30
 = R$ 30+
all of the above
+ one copy of the original DVD by mail

“EUR 60 = USD 60 = CHF 60
 = R$ 60+”
all of the above
+ choosing a person (or an institution) to receive a copy of the original DVD by mail (in a nice present wrap made of ecological present paper)

“EUR 120 = USD 120 = CHF 120 = R$ 120+
all of the above
+ 1 poster of the film in A2 (42X59,4cm) format

“EUR 250 = USD 250 = CHF 250
 = R$ 250+
all of the above
+ video-conference via skype with participants of the film (director and interviewed persons)
+ weekly information on the distribution of the film, via e-mail (optional)

“EUR 500 = USD 500 = CHF 500 = R$ 500+
all of the above
+ your photo or your company’s logo on the official webpage of the film, with special personalized thanks

“EUR 1,000 = USD 1,000 = CHF 1,000 = R$ 1,000+
all of the above
+ if you are in the regions of southern france (provence, côte d’azur) or french speaking switzerland (lake geneva area), you will be invited to a marvelous dinner (moroccan, lebanese or indian – contributor’s choice) with the director of the film
+ your name (or company name) will be mentioned in the interviews that will be given, as well as in the media reports while the DVDs are being distributed 
+ your photo (or your company’s logo) will be on the DVD’s back cover.

thanks a lot!

priscila guedes